“Thought Fox” derives from the poem by the same name by Ted Hughes, which begins:

I imagine this midnight moment’s forest:
Something else is alive
Beside the clock’s loneliness
And this blank page where my fingers move.

It’s about inspiration, the foundation of Thought Fox’s mission.

As a writer, podcast host, and the founder of Thought Fox, I know a little something about inspiration! I’d wanted to write a book since fourth grade, when I composed a fantasy epic (in an etched leather journal) that was really just a description of the movie Willow. I went on to fill dozens of notebooks with stories and bits of novels and scenes.

Completing a story — much less publishing one! — seemed mysterious and impossible, until I found a community of likeminded writers. I attended my first writing conference with about 20 pages of a novel and zero knowledge of the publishing industry.

This conference, along with the classes, workshops, reading groups, and events I subsequently attended, demystified the literary world and proved that finishing a story was possible and publishing was a realistic goal. My instructors and writer friends supported my dreams, helped me hone my craft, and celebrated with me when I published my first book, Animal Wife (Red Hen Press, 2020).

My mission is to give back to the writing community that has made my dreams a reality and nurture fellowship among writers.

Thought Fox is devoted to helping writers develop their craft and reach their goals, whether you aim to complete a short story, publish a novel, get into grad school, write a memoir for your grandchildren, land an agent, or read a poem before an audience. Thought Fox offers classes, consulting, and events for every writer. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and join the den!

Lara Ehrlich

Lara is the author of Animal Wife, a collection of stories about women’s transformations from girls into wives, mothers, and monsters. Animal Wife won Red Hen Press’s Fiction Award judged by Ann Hood and was published by the press in 2020. Lara teaches writing and is the host of Writer Mother Monster, a conversation series devoted to dismantling the myth of “having it all” and offering writer-moms solidarity, support, and advice.