About thought fox founder

lara ehrlich

Lara Ehrlich embraces and reexamines qualities that in women are often considered monstrous, like selfishness, desire, and ambition. She is the author of the novel Bind Me Tighter Still (Red Hen Press, 2025) and Animal Wife, a collection of stories about women’s transformations from girls into wives, mothers, and monsters. Animal Wife won Red Hen Press’s Fiction Award judged by Ann Hood and was published by the press in 2020. Lara teaches writing and has led workshops and panels at Bread Loaf Writers Workshop, Yale Writers Workshop, AWP, and Story Studio Chicago, among others, and teaches at the University of Connecticut. Lara is the host of Writer Mother Monster, a conversation series devoted to dismantling the myth of “having it all” and offering writer-moms solidarity, support, and advice. She is the founder and director of Thought Fox Writers Den, which builds community and supports writers of all levels with in-person and virtual workshops, coaching, events, and more.