Book Club

We meet every 8 weeks, with optional “read-ins” at the Velvet Mill in Stonington, CT. Grab your favorite beverage from one of the Mill vendors (beer, rum, coffee, tea, kombucha–we’ve got it all!), settle into a cozy seat in the atrium or in the Den, and get some pages down in time for our next meeting.

The book club leader occasionally invites subject-matter experts for a deep dive into relevant themes, plans fun outings, and more. Our discussions are rigorous and robust, recognizing literature through the lens of the period in which it was written while evaluating its place within our current realities.

Does your book club do that?

December 2023100 Years of Solitude
February 2024Moby Dick
April 2024Tess of the D’Ubervilles
June 2024Huck Finn
August 2024Twelve Years a Slave
October 2024Frankenstein
December 2024Pride & Prejudice


A: No. The book club is free, although your generous donation as a sustaining member is encouraged, and will go toward support of our nonprofit. Any books you wish to buy are at your own discretion. 

A: Not necessarily, but some of the themes discussed in books and during the book club’s group meetings will be adult in nature.

A: We’re so glad you asked! Some people prefer to read alone in a quiet place, while others prefer to read in a setting conducive to people-watching. Thought Fox offers both. We meet every other week for an optional reading session where we can read our current book club pick together. No talking, no guided discussion, just read, read, read. Bring your book, grab a coffee or adult beverage at the Mill, and make a dent in your book. Read-ins are optional but we think they’re pretty rad.

A: Maybe you’re familiar with these titles from high school, college, or just because, but we still think you should join the book club. Why? Because talking about books with likeminded literature lovers can help to reveal complexities you may never have considered before.

A: Holler. By that, we mean yes. Please email us at We are always looking to engage with thought leaders. We try to take the experience off the page by welcoming scholars, professors, researchers, librarians, teachers, museum curators–anyone who can lend their expertise or perspective to the conversations.

A: Awesome! Please email us at

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